Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Episode 2: The Nightmaster

In the wake of the attack on Greenest Breena and Fatima were asked to set out in search of a party of hunters who’d left earlier that day and failed to return. Governor Nighthill feared that they might have stumbled into a trap set by the raiders and feared losing more of his people to the raiders who’d left much of Greenest in ruins.

Making their way out into the grasslands surrounding the town on horseback they quickly picked up the hunter’s trail and followed them. Arriving at a steep hill they left their horses and ventured down on foot, discovering black feathers, a broken bow, and arrows scattered on the ground.

When they returned to where they’d left their horses Breena and Fatima encountered several kenku who were in the process of robbing them, and that more of their number had already made off with their horses. They convinced the kenku that they would pay handsomely for the horses, and after agreeing to be blindfolded were led to their camp.

Once they’d arrived in the kenku’s woodland camp they found not only their stolen horses, but more of the kenku and the hunters who’d been abducted by their leader, a creature called the Nightmaster. The spellplague affected creature had captured the hunters, intent on transforming them into kenku to ensure their safety from the cultists in the Hoard of the Dragon Queen, who the kenku had encountered and robbed prior to their arrival.

Making short work of the Nightmaster Breena and Fatima freed his captives and convinced the other kenku to return with them to Greenest. When they reached the edge of the forest the Nigthmaster transformed back into the man he’d once been, a purple dragon of Cormyr.


Darsha Darsha

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