Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Episode 2: The Nightmaster

In the wake of the attack on Greenest Breena and Fatima were asked to set out in search of a party of hunters who’d left earlier that day and failed to return. Governor Nighthill feared that they might have stumbled into a trap set by the raiders and feared losing more of his people to the raiders who’d left much of Greenest in ruins.

Making their way out into the grasslands surrounding the town on horseback they quickly picked up the hunter’s trail and followed them. Arriving at a steep hill they left their horses and ventured down on foot, discovering black feathers, a broken bow, and arrows scattered on the ground.

When they returned to where they’d left their horses Breena and Fatima encountered several kenku who were in the process of robbing them, and that more of their number had already made off with their horses. They convinced the kenku that they would pay handsomely for the horses, and after agreeing to be blindfolded were led to their camp.

Once they’d arrived in the kenku’s woodland camp they found not only their stolen horses, but more of the kenku and the hunters who’d been abducted by their leader, a creature called the Nightmaster. The spellplague affected creature had captured the hunters, intent on transforming them into kenku to ensure their safety from the cultists in the Hoard of the Dragon Queen, who the kenku had encountered and robbed prior to their arrival.

Making short work of the Nightmaster Breena and Fatima freed his captives and convinced the other kenku to return with them to Greenest. When they reached the edge of the forest the Nigthmaster transformed back into the man he’d once been, a purple dragon of Cormyr.

Episode 1: Greenest in Flames

Arriving in the Greenfields for a variety of reasons the party members encounter a peddler making his way to Greenest. Thres, Sarl, and Breena chose to attempt to assist the traveler whose cart had become stuck in a ditch running alongside of the road when his mule took an interest in the wild onions growing there. In exchange for their help the peddler offered them a ride into down aboard his wagon and to pay for a meal.

Hot on the trail of the cultists who’d been responsible for the death of her family Fatima arrived on her horse and chose to travel alongside of the wagon. In her recent travels she’d encountered several small towns, campsites, and villages that had come under attack, and the trail was leading her to Greenest.

Kraxus who was also making his way to the town after hearing rumors that a minotaur there had started trying to establish a new mercenary group preferred to keep his own council and traveled the road alone.

Arriving outside of Greenest they found the city under attack from a blue dragon and a group of raiders. The adventurers immediately entered the town and interceded on the behalf of a family being harassed by a group of kobolds. Although one of the kobolds managed to escape the resulting slaughter the family and their rescuers survived and made their way to the keep.

Upon their arrival they met with Governor Nighthill who begged for their aid in repelling the raiders. It was also here that Kraxus found his fatherMagduran mortally wounded and dying. They shared a final moment before the former captain of the Horned Leviathan passed out of this world and into the next. When the town’s mill and a temple devoted to the goddess Chauntea came under attack at the same time they divided their forces to save both.

Thres, Breena, and Fatima worked together to enter the temple, and evacuated all of the people trapped inside without a single casualty. During their escape Thres also managed to capture one of the kobolds who’d been attacking the temple, and carried her diminutive captive back with her as they returned to the keep.

Meanwhile Sarl and Kraxus made quick work of the kobolds who’d been attempting to set the mill ablaze. Upon entering the mill they found an ambush and were forced to make a speedy retreat to the creek, where they encountered the people that the other party members had just liberated.

Thres’s keen eyes allowed them to uncover the entrance to a hidden tunnel leading into the keep, and Kraxus employed brute strength to tear the rusted door free allowing them access.

Wounded, exhausted, and eager to recover from their injuries they allowed the healers who’d sought shelter within the keep to tend to their wounds.Breena and Kraxus took part Governor Nighthill’s interrogation of the kobold who revealed some key pieces of information. Namely that the raiders were working for the Cult of the Dragon to steal the town’s treasures. He also identified their leader as someone named Rezmir, a “dragon-lady”.

Thres took the time to speak to the priest she’d helped to rescue from the temple, a half-elf named Eadyan Falconmoon, and asked if he had any knowledge of her family. Although he did not he promised to look into the matter and assist her in any way possible.

Sarl spoke with Escobert the Red and asked if he knew of anyone who belonged to the same guild his clan’s dwarf had. Promising to answer the goliath’s questions if they lived through the night.

Bells atop the keep’s towers warned of some new threat just as the blue dragon who’d been menacing the city attacked. Making their way to the top of the tower they faced off with the dragon, distracting it and preventing the death of countless members of the town’s defenders. Employing javelins, arrows, an enormous crossbow, and a well placed intervention by Fatima’s hawk they managed to drive the dragon off.

When a half-blue dragon appeared at the gates holding hostages and calling for a chance to face the town’s greatest warriors Kraxus answered the challenge. The young minotaur was told that this creature was the one who’d cost his father his life, and he was eager for chance to take his revenge. Although their duel was fierce the half-dragon quickly emerged victorious and left Kraxus badly injured. As promised the half-blue dragon released his hostages, and allowed the healers to bring his opponent inside saving his life as he and the other raiders retreated from the city. Fatima fired a warning shot at the half dragon as he fled, earning a parting oath of disgust.

In the end though Greenest suffered severe damage, and many injuries, the town survived and will live to see a new dawn. The heroes who stepped forward to help defend them.

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