Kraxus Quickblade

The Seafaring Sorcerer


Being a minotaur he is 7’2" tall and weighs 320 lbs with dark brown fur. He is about 20 Years Old. Kraxus wears common clothing that looks like leather armor with a metal skull chain necklace and a horned belt buckle depicting a leviathan. While he does use magic he does have a crossbow and dual daggers in case of emergencies. He is the son of Magduran and Roogda Quickblade and is the next captain of The Horned Leviathan.

Kraxus was born on The Horned Leviathan during a heavy storm. Roogda Quickblade, his mother, passed away due to the rough nature of the birth. From that point on Magduran Quickblade, his father, and the rest of the crew worked together to raise the young minotaur and teach him the ways of the seas. Once Kraxus came of age he suddenly obtained magical abilities. Some he happened across while doing menial tasks. Others he discovered out of happen stance. While his overall strength and endurance weren’t affected, the magic seems to have made it hit harder for him to withstand damage. Regardless, he used his new powers to make himself an even greater asset among his “family”. Suddenly, a storm not unlike the one during his birth strikes The Horned Leviathan. Despite the overall success of the crew and Kraxus, now an adult, the ship is overtaken. While the majority of the crew survives and is washed up on shore, Kraxus notices the only presence of his father being his signature belt buckle. Not believing his father being capable of being done in by a mere storm, Kraxus goes off in search of his father and promises to return to the crew with him.

Kraxus Quickblade

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