Delrin Ornharn

A disgraced warrior looking for a chance to regain his honor.


Born out of wedlock by an overly indulgent noble Delrin was granted patronage and allowed to serve in his father’s household as a guard. From a young age he was tutored in swordplay and he proved adept in his studies. Unfortunately he also proved to be all too skilled at aiding in his younger half-brother’s late night excursions into the brothels and back alleys of Cormyr. During one particularly rambunctious evening they ran afoul of a warrior who killed Delrin’s brother and left him bleeding to death in the street scarred almost beyond recognition.

Outraged at the loss of his true heir Delrin’s father cast him out of his home stripping him of everything he’d ever known as soon as he’d recovered from his injuries. Delrin made his way north planning to resettle in Icewind Dale, far from the memories that haunted his every step. However his journey came to an end when he found himself in Candlekeep, The Keepers offered him a place in their ranks.

As a warrior Delrin is passionate, confident, and brave. However he is also determined to make certain that no one else dies on his watch which drives him to take risks. He has amassed far more scars in the time since joining The Keepers.

Delrin Ornharn

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