Breena Stonebridge

"In War, Victory. In Peace, Vigilance. In Death, Sacrifice


A pugnacious and outspoken woman from New Sarshell in Impiltur. She comes from a long line of military men. Her father is Abacavir Stonebridge and served with Adalstienn during the Great Siege. Her mother died during the siege. She has an older brother named Thorri but he was never interested in the ways of war. He owns a shop near the docks of New Sarshell.

At an early age, Breena wanted to fight but being that she’s small in stature, she drew a lot of criticism from local boys. She will immediately fight anyone (and I mean anyone) that makes fun of her height or for her being a woman. This left her with quite a few scars on her face. This was a source of pride for her father but he knew that she needed to channel that aggression better.

In hopes that she would learn to focus her aggression, her father sent her to Candlekeep at a young age to study. Unlike most of the other students who were there to learn arcana, she was there to learn about military history and the arts of war. This made her quite an outcast among her peers. However, in time she learned how to fight along side her mage friends and gained acceptance. In return, she taught the mages that sometimes an axe can be just as useful as any spell.

Breena came back to New Sarshell after completing her studies. She quickly gained rank into the Lord’s Guard. After the incident at Candlekeep, Lord Amund approached her about a new organization that is being formed called The Keepers. It’s purpose is to combat Szass Tam and his undead. All recruits are handpicked by their Lords to serve and she jumped at the chance for payback.

Breena Stonebridge is 5’2", red hair and has face tattoos. She has a fondness for axes, mead and drow women*. She has learned to keep her anger in check but does slip from time to time.

*She hates drow culture but is drawn to drow women who have left their lives in the Underdark.


Breena Stonebridge

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