The half-orc master of arms aboard the Horned Leviathan


A bastard born of uncertain parentage Bloodtusk was named for an discoloration of his teeth and the squat porcine nose he presumably inherited from one of his parents. Bigger, stronger, and fiercer than any his his fellow urchins he employed his strength to bully his way to the top of a formidable gang of other youths.

He was arrested in Waterdeep after killing an agent in the employ of one of the Masked Lords of Waterdeep, and for his crime he was sold into slavery. Luckily there was coup aboard the ship before it could complete her voyage, and Bloodtusk was pivotal in seeing it carried out. He chose to remain on board and instruct the other new crewmen in the best way to utilize the weapons they’d wielded so crudely during the brief battle with their captors.

In time he came to respect the Quicklblades and made it his personal goal in life to make a warrior out of their son.


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